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Real Estate Investing For Everyone

We are Canada's first licensed fractional real estate investment platform. We want to make real estate investment available to everyone by removing the high costs to enter. Who can afford a downpayment anyways?

We have worked with over 13,000 investors over the last few years to learn what type of deals work best, build partnerships with lenders, property managers, contractors, and everything else so you don't have to.

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Our Difference

What Makes Us
Different From Others?

Unlike a traditional REIT you can choose which properties you want to invest in. You don't need to be an accredited investor which is xxx or tooltip

Diversify your risk by spreading it across multiple properties and proeprty types/markets to stay recession and inflation resistant.

Fast And Secure Process

We use state of the art encryption to keep your data safe.

Quick Question Answers

Signing up and investing in properties has never been easier. Our onboarding is fast and simple.

We Get You Your Cash Quick

As soon as the property starts cashflowing we send out monthly payments to your bank account.

How It Works

Get To Know The Basics of Fractional Property Ownership

How Much Can I Buy?

You can buy as much as you would like! The minimum investment in a property is $1, and the maximum is the total still available according to the website!

You can invest in as many properties as you like, you are not restricted by quantity or geography! Buy wherever you like the deal best!

How Much Can I Buy?

How Much Does It Cost?

There are no upfront fees or any out of pocket expenses! We make our money based on the success of the properties we manage for you.

We collect an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee of 1% of the amount we manage which is paid out of the cashflow plus closing fees.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Do I Make Money?

You make money in two ways. Based on your ownership stake in each your property you receive a proportional amount of:

  1. monthly cashflow depending on the property
  2. one time cashflow from equity appreciation in the property at the time of sale.

How Do I Make Money?

Our Investors

Trusted By 13,000+ Investors

Forward thinking financial investing trusted by thousands of Canadians.

Leslie Alexander

Leslie Alexander

Web Designer

Leslie bought his first property, a multi-family apartment building in 2020.
Arlene McCoy

Arlene McCoy

Content Strategist

Arlene was able to invest in two single family houses in 2021.
Marvin McKinney

Marvin McKinney

Video Game Writer

Marvin participated in a strip mall acquisition in 2022.
Devon Lane

Devon Lane

Nursing Assistant

Devon bought into a single family house in 2022.
Bessie Cooper

Bessie Cooper

Video Game Writer

Bessie has invested in four projects since 2020.
Kathryn Murphy

Kathryn Murphy

Film Critic

Kathryn bought a fix and flip project in 2022.

Note: Customer reviews are anonymized and modified to protect privacy.

Questions You Have

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy if my credit isn’t perfect?

Yes everyone is eligible to buy properties no matter their credit rating.
You will receive an email from us with a confirmation and instructions on next steps.
You can either submit your documents online through our easy to use form, email them or fax us.
Not every country, but send us an email with more information and we'll see what we can do.
Any Canadian resident or citizen over the age of 18 can invest.
Yes, we do not charge you any money upfront. We only make money from the cashflow and proceeds of the property. We charge a 1% AUM fee plus closing fees.

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