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Our mission is to help the average Canadian invest like the 1% do. We believe Canadians should have access to the tools needed to build wealth through modern real estate investing.



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“Investing in real estate is practically how every wealthy person had made their fortune, grown it, or both. However the average Canadian doesn't have the network, access, or capital to get into investing in the very best deals. Traditionally only accredited investors could access non-public offerings (similar to IPOs, but for companies not listed on public stock trading exchanges). But only 1% of Canadians are accredited, which locked out the average person from investing with the pros. We started this company with the belief that 99% of Canadians are missing out on the best investment opportunities. We went through a long and expensive journey to setup an exempt market dealer and get licensed in Canada to work with the 99% of Canadians who are unaccredited.
What We Do

Since 2022, We Have Been Helping Canadians Invest In Incredible Products

World Class Experts

We choose our team members & partners carefully. Our people are the secret to our great work. We vet for experience, trustworthiness, and deep knowledge in real estate.

Focused Investments

We stay lean and focus only on one asset class; real estate. This allows us to be experts in our field and find deals others can't. We are not jacks of all trades, but we are masters of one.

Regulatory Compliance

We only work with licensed Exempt Market Dealers approved by the Canadian Regulators. This means your money is held in trust and undergoes yearly audits.

Designing for People

We work to make information simple to understand and be presentable. We drop the technical jargon and speak to you in ways you understand.


We are committed to helping Canadians across all economic classes in achieving their financial goals. We work with customers that traditionally wouldn't have access to the resources and education that we provide.


We dedicate time and resources to researching, creating, and producing informational content free of charge to the Canadian public. Our goal is for everyone to understand and learn about personal finance & real estate.

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Built by a Diverse Team With Deep Expertise in Tech & Investing

We're on a mission to make real estate investing accessible to everyone.


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